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Why join Wittering Academy Riding Club?

Founded in 2007, the primary objective of Wittering Academy Riding Club is to help riders of all ages and abilities achieve their equestrian ambitions.

From the very beginning Wittering Academy has placed great emphasis on the importance of, and access to, quality training. We know that many horse/rider combinations fall short of their full potential. But with access to good knowledgeable instructors we can remedy that.

We are unique in our approach to training with the introduction of the ‘Mentoring’ system. Each and every member, if they wish to, is assigned to a Wittering Academy mentoring group, with which they will regularly ride with an assigned mentor. The mentoring system offers all members regular, affordable, quality tuition. We run the mentoring groups because we believe it is possible to learn as much from watching others as by doing it yourself.

Over and above the regular mentoring sessions we also run a packed annual programme of training events and competitions, giving you the opportunity to put all that you have learnt into practice.

Wittering Academy Riding Club (WARC) is affiliated with British Riding Clubs and regularly takes part in Area 7 qualifier events.

As well as an emphasis on training the Academy is keen to build good spirit and humour between members of the local horsey scene. As a result, we are keen to cater for non-riding members by offering horse care seminars. Non-riding members will also be able to participate in a programme of ‘extra curricular’ events that are both fun and in some way complementary to riding.

For example group Yoga sessions, Horse & Human nutrition sessions, Race night, Horse/Human massage.

Wittering Academy News & Events

With regular events throughout the year and mentoring sessions every few weeks there is always something to do or see.
Read all about our latest news and events by clicking on the links below.

Dressage Training for Area Qualifier Competitors

Training for those taking part in the BRC Area Dressage Competition next month is available on a first come, first served basis as follows:

Sat 27th Jan and Sat 3rd Feb 10.30 onwards at Wittering in the new sand and rubber surface arena.

30 mins private sessions with Claire Llewelyn , one of our excellent mentors (ride your test, have comments, work on specific areas, re ride your test)

£26 each or use your helper credits. There is space for 6 riders ONLY on each day.

If spaces are not filled then slots can be made available for other members – a waiting list will be kept

Please book with Janice

2018 Body Protector and hat rules

Body Protectors

Remember from 1 January, only BETA 2009 purple labels will be accepted. There is one exception to this – Exo Body Cages are only compliant with BETA 2000 purple label, but they will continue to be allowed.


Interestingly the Beta official website also says

Body protectors should be replaced at least every three to five years, after which the impact absorption properties of the foam may have started to decline.


If you should have a heavy fall, your body protector should be checked immediately for dents. The foam will expand back to its original shape within 30 minutes; but if a dent is showing on examination, then it’s likely that this part of the garment has lost its impact absorption properties and should be replaced.


Of course here’s hoping none of you have had a fall bad enough to dent your body protector !




BRC, BE and PC will be tagging with the same AQUA coloured tags for 2018. This means that each of the three member bodies will accept each other’s tag – thus reducing the need for separate tags for each organisation and a rainbow on your hat !



Area 7 Winter Dressage Qualifier – Sat 17th February 2018, Keysoe

Dressage Riders please read on!

Would you like to enter the Area Winter Dressage Competition with a chance to qualify for the BRC Championships next year? You can enter as an Individual or join up with 3 others to form a team.

If you are interested in riding for your club please send your name, mobile number, horse name (as on passport), the test you want to ride and whether you wish to be in a team, go as an individual or don’t mind, to Janice at no later than Fri 22nd Dec. We do the entries for you once we have sorted out who is interested in taking part.

If you would like to be part of a team, please make sure you are available for the Championship date should the team qualify!!

The organisers require 2 helpers per team this year and those riding as individuals will each be scheduled for 1 hour of helping around their test time. This is a vital part of participating in the Area events and you and/or your team can be disqualified if the helper slot is not filled. Please be prepared to help or to find others to help!!

You can enter a class in both the Novice and the Intermediate qualifiying events (both held on the same day). Entry fees are £17 per class. Please be aware that the club pay an advanced entry fee in addition to this which commits the place and so payment from you must be received by January 25th 2018 latest!

It’s a good fun day out and a relaxed atmosphere and there are usually spare spaces in trailers/lorries for transport. If there is interest I will try to schedule a training day at Grange Farm to run through the tests. Why not have a go!!

Saturday 17th February 2018
The College EC, Keysoe

Junior Classes:
Junior Prelim 12
Junior Novice 28
Teams of 4 (with 2 riding each test) or riders can enter as individuals

Senior Classes:
Senior Prelim 12
Senior Novice 28
Teams of 4 (with 2 riding each test) or riders can enter as individuals

The Novice Championships will be held at Arena UK on 14 April 2018 (Seniors) and 15th April 2018 (Juniors)

Saturday 17th February 2018
The College EC, Keysoe

Junior Classes:
Junior Prelim 14
Junior Novice 24
Junior Novice 30
Junior Elementary 50
Teams of 4 (with 1 riding each test) or riders can enter as individuals

Senior Classes:
Senior Prelim 14
Senior Novice 24
Senior Novice 30
Senior Elementary 50
Teams of 4 (with 1 riding each test) or riders can enter as individuals

Pick A Test

Medium 63
Advanced Medium 93

This is a mixed junior and senior class for individual entries only

The Intermediate Championships will be held at Bury Farm, Bedford on 27 29 April 2018

Full details can be found on the BRC Area 7 Facebook page and the BRC website

Arena Eventing Clinic with Kate Knight

Following the Cottesmore PC Arena Eventing Competition on Good Friday, we plan to take advantage and offer training sessions in small groups (individual slots if space allows) over their course using our range of show jumps, fillers and mobile cross-country styled jumps. Kate Knight is returning for a limited number of clinics during 2018, this […]

Jane Ellis mentoring (afternoon)

Show Jumping Competition – Sun 9th Sept

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