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Why join Wittering Academy Riding Club?

Founded in 2007, the primary objective of Wittering Academy Riding Club is to help riders of all ages and abilities achieve their equestrian ambitions.

From the very beginning Wittering Academy has placed great emphasis on the importance of, and access to, quality training. We know that many horse/rider combinations fall short of their full potential. But with access to good knowledgeable instructors we can remedy that.

We are unique in our approach to training with the introduction of the ‘Mentoring’ system. Each and every member, if they wish to, is assigned to a Wittering Academy mentoring group, with which they will regularly ride with an assigned mentor. The mentoring system offers all members regular, affordable, quality tuition. We run the mentoring groups because we believe it is possible to learn as much from watching others as by doing it yourself.

Over and above the regular mentoring sessions we also run a packed annual programme of training events and competitions, giving you the opportunity to put all that you have learnt into practice.

Wittering Academy Riding Club (WARC) is affiliated with British Riding Clubs and regularly takes part in Area 7 qualifier events.

As well as an emphasis on training the Academy is keen to build good spirit and humour between members of the local horsey scene. As a result, we are keen to cater for non-riding members by offering horse care seminars. Non-riding members will also be able to participate in a programme of ‘extra curricular’ events that are both fun and in some way complementary to riding.

For example group Yoga sessions, Horse & Human nutrition sessions, Race night, Horse/Human massage.

Wittering Academy News & Events

With regular events throughout the year and mentoring sessions every few weeks there is always something to do or see.
Read all about our latest news and events by clicking on the links below.

WARC Spring Newsletter 2018

Please make a brew and take a moment to read our Spring Newsletter – loads going on

Spring newsletter 2018v2

Mentoring Dates: June-August 2018

Dates are now arranged for the next block of mentoring sessions


Everyone should know what group they are in and please let me know whether you can attend your next session (or if you can’t) ideally a week before so I can arrange groups and times. If you are a new member and I haven’t yet been in touch with you – please do email me and we can sort out what you want to do.

Angela Lumsdon

WARC Bank Holiday Showjumping – Monday 28th May 2018

Entries on the day
Schedule here – WARC SJ – Schedule May 18


16th-17th June 2018 See schedule here Entries close 8th June – open to BRC members only

Cathy Lammie Mentoring PM ONLY

Tom Fray Mentoring

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