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03 Sep
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Arena Eventing
15th May

Grange Farm, Wittering Nr Stamford, PE8 6NR

By kind permission of Mr and Mrs R Dunlop


The course will consist of two phases, the first being Show Jumps the second Rustic and Cross Country Style Jumps, with the second part timed. All will jump against the clock immediately after the first phase, even with faults unless eliminated.

Open to all members and non-members.   Class 1:  50/60cm Clear Round Arena Eventing 10:00 – 11:00 The course will consist of the first half of Show Jumps set at 50cms and the second half of Arena Event Jumps set at 60cms. Class 2:  60cm Arena Eventing Class 3:  70cm Arena Eventing Class 4:  80cm Arena Eventing Class 5:  90cm Arena Eventing Class 6:  100cm Arena Eventing   ENTRY FEE:           Class 1 (Clear Round)                         £10  Classes 2 - 6                                         £12 members (£14 Non-Members)  Rosettes to 6th place   Online entries here: Maximum 2 rounds per horse/pony Estimates of class start time will be published on WARC fb on Friday. Please note this is guidance and NOT confirmed start times. CONTACT ON THE DAY:  Tel: Helen 07935591983 Tel: Tracey 07495 491972   To be run under Wittering Academy Riding Club rules (hard hats as per BRC rules 2016) Passports to be shown on the day to check equine flu boosters according to BRC rules. Dress code is Cross Country Colours with Body protector. Skull Cap (no fixed peak riding hats) and Body Protectors must conform to current safety standards. Any rider fall is Elimination from current class. Rider may (at the discretion of the Judge) enter next class after being check by the First Aider. Judges decision in all matters is final. Restrictions according to BRC Arena Eventing rules To be run under Wittering Academy Riding Club rules, entry into the event signifies acceptance of the rules (copy on website). Entry also signifies agreement to be photographed by the official photographer(s) if present. All reasonable precautions taken regarding Health and Safety, but WARC accept no liability for any loss, damage or accident to persons, animals or property however caused. Non BRC or PC members should ensure they have valid insurance to cover both themselves and their mounts.   Your Personal Information: Personal information that you supply to us may be used in a number of ways to facilitate your WARC event participation. It should be noted that we are affiliated to the British Horse Society as a British Riding Club. We reserve the right to publish results of competitions on and in WARC newsletters and on our Facebook page. To see our full Privacy Policy, or if you need any further information, please write to us or go to:  
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21st May
29th May
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