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Helpers Hall of Fame 2019
28 Dec

Helpers Hall of Fame 2019

So as we come to the end of 2019, a huge thank you from your committee for all the hours you have volunteered at our various events and competitions – in fact an amazing 834 hours over the year. We simply can’t run anything without your valuable support.

Do remember as part of your membership we do ask that you commit to helping out for at least one event in the year – many of you do so much more, some of you not so – let’s make 2020 the year that all of members do just a little bit.

1 hour of help is rewarded with 1 credit/£ towards mentoring, training and clinics.

Here is the hall of fame for 2019 – the list shows the credits everyone has at year-end once any credits you have already redeemed for mentoring sessions or clinics have been deducted.

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