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Camp (30th Sept-1st Oct)

30th September 2017

10:00 am

Sat 30th Sept and Sun 1st October 2017

Grange Farm

By kind permission of Robin and Di Dunlop

28th Sept  Joining instructions can be found here …Joining instructions

Saturday timetable here ….saturday v2

Sunday timetable here ….sunday v2

Early september – Welcome to Camp 17

I know you have all been eagerly awaiting more details on camp, so here goes …..(read right to the end and you will find the booking form)

For starters camp will be Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st Oct starting at 10am and finishing around 4pm. You can do either both days or single days. We might at a later stage offer individual sessions to fill them up. We will try to meet as many of your requests as possible but, inevitably, we may not be able to fit you in the Master Plan.

On your booking form (MUST be accompanied with full payment) please indicate which sessions you would like to take part in.  We will schedule a minimum of 2 riding sessions/main activities a day for you, and as many talks and demo you can fit in.

There will be drinks and lunch provided (for humans).  To make our lives easier, we ask you contact to  Di At Grange Farm Equestrian Centre if you require stabling overnight (01780 782459). There are a limited number of tie ups.

Sorry no dogs, and children (under 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

So what’s going on ?

We have booked a wonderful range of ridden and in-hand sessions as well as interesting talks, with a brilliant selection of instructors.  If it is something you haven’t tried before, give it a go – you may be pleasantly surprised!

Sam Jamieson will be here on both days. All her group sessions will be 90 mins long:

  • Lateral work (in-hand) – the basics, how it improves your ridden work, doing it yourself (horses needed for this). Really useful exercises to do to strengthen and even out your core muscles.
  • Working equitation – a cross between Le Trec and Dressage. You really need to check out and I guarantee once you’ve seen what it is you’ll want to have a go!
  • Creating activity from behind
  • Becoming a more disciplined rider –giving clear signals to your horse
  • Horse & rider alignment
  • Saddle fitting will be available as private sessions at £45 a saddle

Yvette Daish will be taking waterplay on the JumpCross course on both afternoons.

Alison Lowther will be taking JumpCross sessions on both days (please mark what height you are comfortable jumping).

Robbie Reid will be playing mounted games on Saturday afternoon.

Claire Llewelyn will be doing lots of poles in her Equigym sessions (15-20  ground poles in different layouts to work on activity, stride length, engagement etc) . This is  hard work so will only be 45 minutes sessions.

Tom Fray will be offering a variety of sessions. Balance and rhythm  for starters,  jumping,  gridwork,  XC exercises based around accuracy, distances and exercises demo (will need a guinea pig if you’re interested)  and unmounted sessions on how to walk a course, lungeing, and fitness planning.

Hannah Ward will be giving Equine massage taster sessions on different massage techniques to do daily, and show you how to massage a horse routinely. We will need some demo horses for these sessions. Hannah will also be taking unmounted and mounted polework and chatting about rehabilitating a horse after injury.

Fiona Langlands (one of our members) will be giving a short talk on ‘Imagine being a better rider-using motor imagery to make you a more effective rider’ (using sports psychology techniques).

Harri Green from Core Performance Pilates will be taking an (unmounted) taster session on Pilates . She specialises in correcting posture, muscle imbalances and Pilates for equestrians.

Elizabeth Houghton is qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and Food Allergy Practitioner at the UK School of Naturopathic Nutrition. Iridology is based on the principle that the markings of the iris indicate accurately the state of the constitution, showing organ strength and weaknesses and especially constitutional inheritance. This feature of iridology means that problems can be detected long before they turn into illness. Elizabeth will start with a short talk on iridology, followed by taster private sessions.

Julie Corrigan is a BD judge and will be here just on Sunday for ‘Take-a-test’ (ride a specific dressage test – maybe Intro B, Prelim 4 or Nov 24, get feedback and tips then try again). She will also do a “What the judges see” session soo you can try judging and scoring, and she will also run some general flatwork sessions.

Henrietta Edwards from Baileys Feeds will be bringing a weighbridge and assess your horse. This is a drop-in session , so no booking  needed.

David Griffiths and Charlie Isaacs will be talking about ‘Why supplements – a talk on human nutrition ?’ As a biologist with a special interest in health and longevity, he mentors a team of nutritionists and personal trainers including working for such bodies as England Rugby and UK Athletics. His company is affiliated with the prestigious Linus Pauling Institute. He has been giving talks on nutrition for 15 years and in the last 5 has seen a sea change in the way we are starting to talk about health. In his view, “If the doctors don’t become nutritionists, the nutritionists will become the doctors” as we embrace age old wisdom with modern biochemical knowledge.

Rug Sale – have you redundant rugs you no longer need or fit your current horse. Why not bring them along labelled with your name and the price you’d like, and see if any-one else wants them! Any left at the end of the weekend I suggest get donated to a horse charity.

The paperwork bit

Please return the booking form and payment (£50 for WARC members £60 for non-members) to:

WARC c/o Grange Farm Equestrian Centre, Wittering Grange, Wansford, Peterborough PE6 8NR (CAMP)

Cheques made payable to Wittering Academy /cash WITH THIS FORM 😉

There’s an awful lot to get through but if you have any queries please use the old-fashioned email to contact me

Booking form 2017

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