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Franklin Clinic with Claire Llewelyn-Sun 9th December

9th December 2018

Franklin Balls were developed in Germany by Dr Eric Franklin, originally to help sports people but they have now been developed to help Equestrians. I recently attended a course to learn how these work and am now trained in their use. The balls are different sizes and shapes, either filled with air or water, which are used in different ways, for example under seat bones, thighs and armpits to help riders develop their balance, core strength, straightness and suppleness. They help identify areas riders need to work on, and also really show how the rider influences the horse’s way of going. We have found that horses become more forward, relaxed and straighter and riders become more ‘bodily aware’. It’s absolutely fascinating! Claire Llewelyn

60 mins group session (no more than 4 people)
£15 members, £20 non-members

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