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Quadrille Demo and ‘Have-a-go’

8th August 2021

Fancy having a go at something different with your horse or pony?  Ever fancied Quadrille?  Perhaps you don’t know what it is?  Well come along and find out on SUNDAY 8 AUGUST at 10.30 am

We are hosting a morning of Quadrille along with our friends from Rearsby Lodge Riding Club.  Rearsby have an active quadrille section to their club so have agreed to come along and give us a brief demo of how its done.  Twelve of their members have been practising for several weeks now to demonstrate their skills to us and then give us the chance to have a go with them.

Mr David Boyd, a retired cavalry officer, is our trainer for the day – it is a great privilege to have him come along and show us what Quadrille is all about.  You will be in very confident and capable hands on the day if you choose to have a go and if you just want to watch this time, that’s absolutely fine – hopefully you will want to have a go next time.

The session is open to all members both seniors and juniors.  All we ask if you want to take part is that your horse/pony and you can work confidently in a group ride situation (up to 12-24 in the arena at once) in all three paces of walk, trot and canter.  David will give you all the instruction required to have a fun and informative session and you will be surprised how the horses enjoy the discipline of working together.

After the session you are also invited to hang around for a brief social with drinks and cake included in the price.

Booking for taking part in the demo will be on a first come first served basis as there are only a maximum of 12 places available.  So payment must be made up front by bacs.

Spectator places will be unlimited though so please do come and watch and meet old friends and new from Rearsby Lodge Riding Club too and let’s see if we can have a fun morning together.  Booking for a spectator place is also required.

Booking forms

Email or send your form to:

Emma Windsor

Balcony House, North Fen Road, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7JL

In the meantime, here is a brief description of what it is.  Quadrille (a drill in a quad) is a group of riders executing a series of movements commanded by a Riding Master learned in advance.  It originates from war battles and in bygone years wars were won and lost on horseback and it was crucial to your very survival that you could ride precisely and in complete unison with others. Today it is for fun.  Riders may or may not know the sequence and it is often ridden to music.  The movements are designed so that riders aim to perform them close together and at exactly the same time.


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