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Trec PTV training

1st July 2017

This training is aimed at beginners and more experienced ‘treccies’ who wish to improve their PTV scores in an open, cross country type setting.

An opportunity to practise still and flowing water crossings, wet and dry ditches, slopes of different gradients, as well as general trec obstacles in an open area where the terrain comes into play. There will be opportunities to link several obstacles together and consider strategies to gain the most points. All good practise for 3-phase summer trec competitions. Training will be in groups of up to four of similar ability and places will be limited. Priority will be given to WARC and KTS trec members.

It is a condition of using the Jumpcross course that all riders must wear a BHS approved hat, a Beta Level 3 body protector and a medical armband. You will not be able to take part if you do not comply with this rule.

Please complete the entry form and return with full payment to secure a place. Entries must be received by Wednesday 28th June 2017. Times will be emailed to you on Thursday 29th June. If you have not received your time by Thursday evening, please phone 01406 380949 after 7pm.

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