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13 Jun
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Trec is a friendly, fun equestrian sport suitable for all riders and horses which is all about developing a trusting partnership with your four-legged friend. Summer Trecs usually have three phases – the MA, PTV and POR (all initials of the French phrases as this is where the sport originates). The MA tests your ability to control the paces of the horse. In this phase you are awarded points for a slow canter (or trot if in-hand) and a fast walk over a measured distance, up to 150m. The PTV is the obstacle phase. Each obstacle is ridden to set rules and you are awarded up to 10 points per obstacle. The final phase, the POR, is the orienteering phase where you undertake to follow a route across country at prescribed speeds. The scores from each phase are added together to decide the placings. We run a series of training days and competitions throughout the winter months in an arena which are very popular. The training days are great for preparing for competitions but also for improving your partnership with your horse. Our Trec weekends focus on the MA and the PTV phases. There are training sessions and competition classes for those who prefer to work in-hand, as well as mounted. We also try to run some trec-related activities in the warmer months, with a mini-3 phase competition around Grange Farm. Never done it before? Come and watch and see if you would like to have a go.

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