Getting Involved

How to get involved
Start by joining in the fun when you become a member but you don’t have to be a member to help. There is a whole load of activity behind the scenes of every event, for which we need helpers of various kinds. We try to limit helping to a max of a couple of hours – that way it’s easy to fit into our busy lives or around competing times. Refreshments are provided and for every hour you earn a helper credit. These credits can be exchanged for free training sessions, mentoring or be put towards our lovely merchandise. Last year we had over 900 ‘helper hours’, so we ask as condition of your membership you come and help at least at one event.

There are jobs for every-one – whether you are comfortable working with numbers or words or physical jobs like setting up dressage boards and moving jumps. For all competitions we need to set up, have various helpers on the day and then then clear away tasks.

The Night Before…
For show jumping, we need a course built. I don’t mean build the jumps literally. But help to set up the course starting with clearing the arena from 4pm for harrowing, and getting out a few more jumps and placing then in nice colour combinations. No experience needed, just able bodied persons to move jumps and poles. For dressage we need to set up dressage arena , we have lightweight boards , a long tape measure or two and a basic grasp of geometry and where the letter should go. The Trec set up is a little more complicated as we have to arrange all the obstacles, but Karen has a cunning plan which we can easily follow. Showing set up is probably the easiest – just clear the big arena and mark out a few rings. And like all things – the more the merrier and less time it takes to set up.

On the day
For every competition we need a steward or two. Little experience needed but equipment provided – high viz vest or tabard, wipe board and marker pen, lists, highlighter, maybe a radio. An important job, keeping the riders flowing into the arenas whether its dressage or jumping.

For show jumping competitions we need Pole pickers – no experience needed. Ability to bend and lift long but not heavy objects, and to remember what the jump looked like before it was obliterated.

Now to the more serious stuff. A dressage writer – this role requires a little concentration and a little experience. The judge gives you a score and then a short comment , for those that do dressage you know the kind of comment – not square halt, circle too small, lack of impulsion, good bend, smooth transition and the R word rhythm. We do run writing taster sessions, so why not have a try. Writing gives you a brilliant insight into how and why you get your 7 and 8s. Added bonus is you get to sit in a dry warm car. Same for the show jumper scorer and timer, no experience needed Just write down timings and crosses in boxes. This is a bonus role as you get to sit in a warm car. Trec scorers follow the judge round and write times and marks. Again it will be fully explained as to what you need to do. You soon get into the swing of it and becomes fun.

Scorers for dressage and Trec – nifty with a calculator ? Then you could enjoy the indoors and help add up and double check the scores. Calculators provided

First aiders. Do you hold a FAW (the 3 day First Aid at Work) certificate? If yes, then you would be covered by BRC insurance to be a first aider at one of our events.

And then the all-important back ground crew – runners, arena poo-picker, clearing up at the end putting away dressage boards, jumps is always so much quicker than setting up.

Of course, without The Committee no events would run. We’re a small but very friendly and supportive team, that organise events and enter teams and individuals to the BRC qualifiers. There’s a whole range of people organising teams, training, camp. We generally meet every couple of months depending on what is going on. If you’d like to become involved contact

Remember without helpers – no events, and a HUGE thank you to all those that come out and help run competitions.

Updated list of helper credits (as of 16.9.23)